Dr. Bastidas offers many treatments and services as a plastic surgeon.  His focus is on body contouring and hair restoration.  The website is currently being updated and a detailed list will be provided and well as a gallery of before and after pictures.

Please call the office if there are any questions regarding what Dr. Bastidas can do for you.

Hair Restoration

Are you suffering from hair loss? Do you want to do something about it? Dr. Bastidas can help you! Hair transplant is one great option to make a big difference with hair loss, but there are also many other non-surgical treatments that can help as well.

Hair Transplantation

Body Contouring

Body Contouring is changing the shape of your body into something you like better! Everybody, hence every body, is unique and different. There is no single simple solution for everyone. That is why Dr. Bastidas can be valuable to you because he is an expert on many techniques. He offers non-surgical, minimally invasive, and surgical techniques to help you achieve your goals.


Breast Augmentation


Tattoo Excision

Sometimes laser tattoo removal is not the best solution. Tattoo’s can also be removed by excision. Basically, it’s similar to removing a skin lesion, like a mole. Tattoos come in all sizes and shapes and they can be located pretty much anywhere on the body. So, for a tattoo to be removed, it has to first be properly assessed to ensure that it can be removed safely. If you are a good candidate for tattoo excision, one big advantage of this procedure is that the tattoo is gone right away as opposed to months and months with laser tattoo removal. An important thing to understand is that with any excision, a scar will be left behind. The size and shape of the scar will depend on the size, shape, and location of the tattoo. To minimize the scar it is very important that an experienced plastic surgeon is utilized such as Dr. Bastidas.

Facial Rejuvenation







Laser Treatments